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September 04, 2020

Amazon launches Alexa for property owners

Source: Unsplash (Nicolas J Leclercq) 

The Gist

Alexa for Residence will make it possible for landlords to create 'smart apartments'. 

The List

  • Alexa for Residential will make it possible for landlords to automate much of their interactions with tenants. 
  • Reminders to take out the trash, special instructions on how to handle certain furniture or equipment in the house, and even rental payments can all be managed using Alexa for Residence. 
  • Some critics have raised privacy concerns and fear that the program gives too much power to landlords. 
  • Amazon has stated that the privacy of tenants will be preserved, and no tenant data will be gathered by Alexa. 
  • Select property management companies will be piloting the technology this fall. 

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