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July 15, 2020

Amazon launches smart grocery cart that lets you skip cashiers

Credit: Unsplash (Fabio Bracht

The Gist

The Amazon Dash Cart will let customers scan grocery items as they shop and automatically pay for them when they leave the store. 

The List

  • The new invention will debut at a grocery in Woodland Hills, California, USA. 
  • It will later be tested in other grocery stores across California and Illinois. 
  • The Dash Cart features weight sensors and cameras that allow you to scan items before putting them in your cart (items can also be removed). 
  • Those interested in using the Dash Cart must have an Amazon account and scan the QR code on the cart prior to use. 
  • Customers using the Dash Cart will be charged automatically when they walk out of the store using the designated Dash Cart lane. 
  • Participating grocery stores will have designated lanes for Amazon's Dash Carts. 

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