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December 23, 2020

Apple to begin manufacturing cars in 2024

Source: Pexels (Armand Valendez) 

The Gist

The tech giant also plans to develop a superior battery for its upcoming electric vehicles. 

The List

  • Apple has been working on developing an electric vehicle since 2014. 
  • It is not until 2018-2019 when Apple really began to focus on its EV project, titled Project Titan. 
  • Apple also claims to have designed a superior battery that is cheaper to manufacture and lasts for a longer period than existing alternatives. 
  • Elon Musk, CEO of current EV industry leader Tesla, allegedly tried to sell Tesla to Apple for 60 billion following Apple's announcement. 
  • According to Musk, Apple CEO Tim Cook refused to even discuss the offer. 

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