July 27, 2020

"Beer shortage" expected in the United States

Source: Pixabay (Skitterphoto) 

The Gist

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a shortage of aluminum cans in the USA, putting some beer varieties at risk. 

The List

  • Both beer and soda makers have been affected by the sudden shortage in aluminum cans.
  • Consumption of beverages from aluminum cans in the United States has been increasingly steadily over the past decade. 
  • Manufacturers blame the coronavirus pandemic for the shortage, specifically disruptions to international trade and consumers panic-buying large quantities of canned beverages. 
  • Beer and soda brands expected to be affected are those that come in 16.oz cans (e.g. IPAs), and 12.oz "slim" cans (e.g. White Claw and Truly). 

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