November 16, 2020

Costco introduces private jet memberships

Source: Flickr (Open grid Scheduler) 

The Gist

The annual subscription does not include the cost of flying - just the right to book flights on a private jet. 

The List

  • Costco has rolled out two variations of an annual private jet membership service with Wheels Up, a private jet service. 
  • The first, valued at 17500$USD, includes a 3500$USD gift card to Costco, 4000$USD in flight credits, and access to "exclusive events". 
  • The second, valued at 1995$USD, is the same as the first option but does not include the gift card, flight credits, nor access to "exclusive events". 
  • Some experts believe Costco is trying to target more upper-class consumers. 
  • Wheels Up has promised a flying experience to customers that adheres to the Covid-19 safety measures outlined by health officials in the US. 

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