October 29, 2020

Costco to stop selling Thai made coconut products

Source: Flickr (Mike Mozart) 

The Gist

The move comes after allegations from PETA that many Thai manufacturers are using 'forced monkey labor' to pick coconuts. 

The List

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been tracking animal abuse by manufacturers over a year.
  • It has been pressuring retailers to remove products from their shelves that were made using animal labor. 
  • PETA alleges that many of the largest Thai manufacturers which create products with coconuts are using 'monkey slave labor' to harvest coconuts. 
  • TCC Ltd., one of the largest producers of Thai coconut products, has denied the allegations.
  • In-house inspections of over 60 of the company's facilities found no signs of forced monkey labor. 

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