October 16, 2020

Data on laptop seized by FBI implicates presidential candidate Joe Biden

Source: Flickr (Tim Prendergast) 

The Gist

The emails found on the laptop suggest that Joe Biden was possibly involved in corruption along with his son, Hunter Biden, in 2015. 

The List

  • At the time Hunter Biden was working in a high position for Burisma, a Ukranian energy company.
  • Emails suggest that a top Burisma advisor traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Joe and Hunter Biden. 
  • Another top Burisma official also emailed Hunter Biden asking whether he could "use his influence" to benefit the company. 
  • Joe Biden had previously pressured Ukranian government officials into firing a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma when he was still the vice president of the United States. 
  • Joe Biden has claimed many times that he was not involved in any of his son's Ukranian business dealings.
  • Data recovered from the laptop also includes footage of Hunter Biden high on crack cocaine while engaged in sexual activities. 
  • The laptop was seized from a computer repair shop by the FBI last December after the repairman called the police after seeing what was on the laptop. 
  • The laptop was left by an unknown individual who never returned to retrieve it from the repair shop. 

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