April 23, 2020

Donald Trump bans immigration for 60 days

Photo by Metin Ozer 

The Gist

On Wednesday Donald Trump signed an executive order that will prevent people from applying for green cards for 60 days. 

The List

  • The immigration ban is more limited than the sweeping closure Trump proclaimed on Twitter earlier this week.
  • The order will not apply to immigrants who are already in the US and are waiting to become legal permanent residents.
  • The order suspends the Diversity Visa Lottery, which issues about 50,000 green cards annually. 
  • According to the White House, the order will “put American communities and workers first as we move toward safely reopening the economy”.
  • Experts argue that a 60-day ban is “fairly meaningless” because most consular services have closed down due to coronavirus anyway. 

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