August 28, 2020

European Union plans to sanction Turkey as east Mediterranean crisis worsens

Image by Emanuele Patti from Pixabay

The Gist

Top diplomat says the EU is setting up sanctions against Turkey over a territorial dispute with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

The List

  • J. Borrell, EU foreign-policy chief, said he is preparing penalties that are meant to limit Turkey's ability to explore natural gas in contested areas. 
  • Turkey and Greece are competing over rights to resources in the Mediterranean based on conflicting claims to continental shelves. 
  • Earlier this month Turkey dispatched the Oruc Reis seismic survey vessel in a disputed area, quickly worsening tensions.
  • According to J. Borrell, it is crucial now to "solve the question of the drillings and the presence of Turkish boats in Cyprus’s waters”.
  • J. Borrel claims the EU is ready to sanction Turkish vessels, cut off their supplies, and block their access to EU ports. 

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