January 08, 2021

Facebook suspends Trump's account 'indefinitely'

photo credit: Blinkofanaye (Flickr)

The Gist

President Donald Trump will be banned from posting on Facebook and Instagram for at least the remainder of his term in office. 

The List

  • Initially, Facebook had imposed a 24-hour ban on Trump's account after his supporters attacked the US Capitol.
  • The block has now been extended “until the peaceful transition of power is complete", said Facebook CEO M. Zuckerberg in a blog post. 
  • According to Zuckerberg, the risks of allowing Trump to continue posting on his accounts "are simply too great".
  • Previously, Zuckerberg insisted that private companies should never act as "the arbiter of speech".
  • The indefinite suspension of Trump's social media accounts marks a significant shift in Facebook's policy. 
  • Facebook's ban is the most aggressive penalty that any social media company has meted out to Trump over his four-year term. 

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