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January 05, 2021

Founder of Alibaba and Ant Group suspected missing

Source: Flickr (Sembilan Serba) 

The Gist

Jack Ma has not been seen ever since he was interrogated by Chinese government officials over 2 months ago. 

The List

  • Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has not been seen in public for over 2 months. 
  • Ma was the richest man in China until the Chinese government shut down the Ant Group IPO which was supposed to take place in October. 
  • The IPO was allegedly shut down due to Ma's vocal criticism of the Chinese financial system.
  • Ant Group's popular Alipay system is seen by some Chinese regulators to be a threat to their stronghold over money flows in the country. 
  • Some Chinese billionaires believe Jack Ma will be declared dead or missing in the coming months. 

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