November 29, 2020

French Protesters clash with police over new security law

The Gist

On Saturday, thousands of critics of a law that would restrict sharing images of police officers in France gathered across the country in protest.

The List

  • According to the government's figures, approximately 133,000 people took to the streets across France to denounce police violence. 
  • A new French security law that would strengthen police powers has been under fire after police officers were filmed beating up a black man in Paris.  
  • Michel Zecler, a music producer, was seen being repeatedly assaulted by police on the night of November 21, apparently for not wearing a mask.
  • "The images that we have all seen of Michel Zecler's assault are unacceptable. They shame us," Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter on Friday. 
  • After the incident, prime minister J. Castex was forced to climb down on the security law - last-minute amendments were issued in response to protests. 
  • Castex announced on Thursday the establishment of a commission to rewrite a clause in the law that would make it harder to film police operations.

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