November 09, 2020

Georgia's runoff races become focus for Senate control

Image by Jens Junge from Pixabay 

The Gist

Neither of Georgia's Republican senators received a majority on Election Day, sending both races to a rematch in January. 

The List

  • The two runoffs are highly important for both GOP and Democrats - it's Democrats' last opportunity to gain control of the upper chamber. 
  • If Democrats are to win both runoffs it will leave the Senate split 50-50,  however, the vice-president could then tip the vote to favor Democrats. 
  • The Democratic majority in Senate is perceived as crucial if president-elect Joe Biden hopes to push through any of his legislative agendas.
  • Republicans see Georgia's runoffs in January as the last chance to control Joe Biden's administration.
  • Until now, Georgia has been seen as a conservative stronghold - the last Democratic candidate to win in the southern state was B. Clinton in 1992. 

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