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March 11, 2020

Google, Adidas and EA in partnership to develop intelligent insoles

The Gist

Google, Adidas, and Electronic Arts (EA) releases smart football (soccer) shoe insole. The "Adidas GMR Insole" is able to track the player's physical performance with the Google Jacquard sensor and translate these statistics to digital FIFA Mobile rewards.

The List

  • Google, Adidas, and EA team up to deliver a smart insole that tracks movements in the football field.
  • Google Jacquard sensor is able to track the player and then translate the data into FIFA Mobile rewards.
  • The sensor in  Adidas GMR Insole is the second-generation sensor that comes in Levi's jackets and backpacks, yet the application slightly differs.
  • The tag is now able to track acceleration and angular rotation, therefore, it is possible to derive statistics about kicking, running, stopping, accelerating. 
  • The new intelligent insoles cost $40.

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