October 17, 2020

Google makes it possible to search for songs by humming

Source: Unsplash (William Iven) 

The Gist

The new Hum to Search feature requires nothing more than humming or singing to find a song. 

The List

  • Google has stated that users do not need to have perfect pitch or be exact in their rendition of the song they are trying to find. 
  • A list of possible matching songs will be automatically generated by Google when the feature is used. 
  • A record of the humming or whistling will be given to Google's AI to further improve search quality. 
  • Some speculate that Google's Hum to Search is meant to compete with Shazam, a free audio-based music search service owned by Apple. 
  • The feature is currently limited to mobile devices - Android and iOS. 

Additional information

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