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August 08, 2020

Google Pay to support mobile checking accounts

Source: Unsplash (Mika Baumeister) 

The Gist

Users will be able to open and manage checking accounts directly with Google Pay starting next year. 

The List

  • Google has partnered with 6 major banks in the United States to make it possible to open checking accounts directly through Google Pay.
  • The move into personal banking was initially revealed in November of last year under the name "Project Cache". 
  • Until the changes take effect, Google Pay requires you to register an existing debit or credit card which could then be used for contactless payments using your phone. 
  • Google expects that at least 2 more major banks will be partnering with Google Pay in the coming months. 
  • It is unknown whether Google will expand this functionality outside of the United States any time soon. 

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