October 14, 2020

IKEA will buy back used furniture

Source: Pexels (Alexander Isreb) 

The Gist

The home furnishing giant will buy your unwanted IKEA furniture for up to half its original price. 

The List

  • The new initiative hopes to reduce waste while providing affordable furniture to those less fortunate. 
  • IKEA hopes to have dedicated used furniture return areas in every store worldwide by 2021. 
  • Returned furniture must be brought back assembled, and IKEA will give you anywhere between 30-50% of its original price depending on its condition. 
  • Customers who return used furniture will be given IKEA vouchers to spend in store; these vouchers will never expire. 
  • IKEA has seen a jump in sales due to the coronavirus as more people are looking to make their homes more comfortable to accommodate home offices and lockdowns. 

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