September 15, 2020

Joe Rogan may moderate a US presidential debate

Source: Flickr (Cryptocurrency News) 

The Gist

US President Donald Trump recently tweeted stating he would be interested in having the popular podcast host moderate a US presidential debate. 

The List

  • Joe Rogan is the host of the world's most popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. 
  • He has interviewed multiple politicians in the past including Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard. 
  • Rogan expressed interest in moderating a presidential debate in a recent podcast with Tim Kennedy. 
  • He stated it would be a 4-hour long moderated debate between Republican US President Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. 
  • Kennedy's tweet about the suggestion went viral, even receiving a positive response from Donald Trump. 
  • The first presidential debate has already been scheduled and is set to take place on September 29th with moderators from the mainstream media. 

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