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September 16, 2020

Microsoft retrieves submerged data center

Source: Flickr (Karlis Dambrans) 

The Gist

The data center has been submerged for 2 years as an experiment to see if the efficiency of servers could be improved in underwater conditions. 

The List

  • Microsoft's data center was placed on the ocean floor two years ago in Orkney, an island cluster in Scotland. 
  • In addition to the change in temperature and pressure, pure nitrogen was pumped into the data center in an attempt to improve server efficiency.
  • The results were promising, with only 8 of the 855 servers failing while submerged, 8x less than servers in regular facilities. 
  • It is one of many solutions being developed by Microsoft to provide more environmentally friendly data services. 
  • All the electricity supplied to Orkney's islands comes from wind and solar power. 

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