October 20, 2020

NASA will build a mobile network on the moon

Source: Pixabay (Ponciano) 

The Gist

NASA will work with Nokia to build a 4G mobile network on the moon by 2022. 

The List

  • The partnership is part of a larger program by NASA called Artemis which seeks to have humans living on the moon by 2030. 
  • The mobile network is intended to facilitate communication between astronauts on and near the moon. 
  • Nokia has stated that the technology will "self-configure upon deployment", making their 4G LTE network operational once it lands on the moon.
  • The US government is also in the process of finalizing an international agreement for various countries to begin mining on the moon. 
  • Lunar materials can be easily converted into fuel, making the moon an ideal hub for future space exploration. 

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