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August 31, 2020

Neuralink demos brain chip

Source: Unsplash (Josh Riemer)

The Gist

Elon Musks' neurotech company live streamed the demo on Friday. 

The List

  • The demo was streamed live on the Neuralink YouTube channel.
  • It featured a pig named Gertrude which had been wearing the brain implant for 2 months. 
  • The implant kept track of Gertrude's brain activity and converted them into a series of readable beeps. 
  • Musk expects human trials will make it possible to translate these beeps into comprehensible instructions which can be used to interact with technology. 
  • Describing the implant as a 'Fitbit for your brain', Musk says it will someday be possible to summon your Tesla vehicle using your mind. 
  • Neuralink is currently waiting for confirmation from US health authorities to begin human trials of the brain chip. 

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