November 16, 2020

Peru's interim president steps down after demonstrators killed

Image by César Sánchez C from Pixabay 

The Gist

On Sunday, Peru's interim president Manuel Marino resigned after two people died during protests against his government. 

The List

  • Marino resigned after just five days in office, previously he was the speaker of Congress. 
  • Marino was appointed interim president after Congress impeached former President Martin Vizcarra over corruption allegations on Monday.
  • The impeachment of Vizcarra led to massive protests across the country,  leaving two people dead and 94 injured as of Saturday night.
  • The demonstrators accuse Congress of staging a parliamentary coup.
  • The violent demonstrations prompted business leaders, politicians, and prominent Peruvians to demand Marino's resignation. 
  • In addition to Morino, twelve newly appointed ministers also resigned in protest against police brutality. 

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