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October 15, 2020

Starbucks announces plans to diversity its workforce

Source: Flickr (RJ) 

The Gist

The coffee giant aims to have 30% of its white collar workforce and 40% of its blue collar workforce in the US be from visible minority groups by 2025. 

The List

  • Starbucks will also tie the compensation of its top executives to the diversity of its workforce. 
  • Anti-bias training and mentorship programs will also be rolled out as part of its diversity initiative. 
  • Many large US companies such as Microsoft recently announced similar diversity goals. 
  • California will also be introducing state-enforced diversity quotas for board members of publicly traded companies in 2021. 
  • Critics say the initiatives will result in "reverse discrimination" and may harm the economy. 
  • Wells Fargo CEO Charles Scharf was recently pressured to apologize for stating that the bank was having a hard time finding qualified candidates to meet diversity quotas for upper level positions. 

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