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October 28, 2020

Tech CEO's to testify before US senate

Source: Flickr (Alessio Jacona) 

The Gist

They will be defending a law which protects tech giants from liability for what is published on their platforms. 

The List

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google have come under fire from both Democrat and Republican politicians for how they handle content on their platforms.
  • Under US law, online platforms are protected from liability for what is published on their platforms and how they decide to moderate content. 
  • Lawmakers argue that social media has become the new public square, meaning that any sort of moderation or censorship is a harm to public good. 
  • Many conservative pundits believe Facebook, Twitter, and Google, have all been actively suppressing conservative viewpoints and news stories. 
  • Twitter recently suppressed a news story about Hunter Biden which implicated his father, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 
  • Twitter also removed tweets sent out by government officials relating to the story, and temporarily blocked the account of Trump's press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany after she shared it on her account. 

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