October 12, 2020

Trump Nominee Testifies in Supreme Court Hearing

The Gist

The Senate Judiciary Committee began hearings on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for a position in the Supreme Court.

The List

  • Barrett said she is "honored and humbled" by Trump's decision to pick her for a position in SCOTUS - she vowed to judge legal cases impartially.
  • During the hearing, Democrats mostly focused on the Affordable Care Act and D. Trump's attempts to invalidate it.
  • "This hearing is a clear attempt to jam through a SCOTUS nominee who will take healthcare away from millions of people", said Kamala Harris.
  • At the same time, Republicans undertook to defend the decision to confirm Barrett just weeks before the US presidential election.
  • If Barrett is approved, she would consolidate a 6-3 conservative majority, thus changing the ideological balance of SCOTUS for years 

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