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July 16, 2020

Twitter accounts of celebrities and politicians hacked

Source: Pixabay (Pete Linforth) 

The Gist

Twitter accounts belonging to former US President Barack Obama, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, singer Kanye West, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and many others were hacked yesterday in a coordinated attack. 

The List

  • The list of twitter accounts hacked is extensive and includes virtually every notable individual in the American public and private sector. 
  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, current Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and the official Apple Twitter account were also affected. 
  • All accounts sent out a series of tweets promising to double users' Bitcoin as financial relief for the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Twitter stopped the attack by temporarily blocking all verified accounts from sending tweets. 
  • Those affected are perplexed as to how someone could have accessed their accounts, given that they had two-factor authentication which would require to have access to their mobile devices to log in. 
  • It appears that Twitter itself was hacked. 
  • A website called CryptoForHealth which was registered the same day as the attack has provided a lead as to who is behind the hacks but no conclusive information has been revealed as of yet. 

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