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September 29, 2020

Uber granted permission to operate in London

Source: Pixabay (Free-Photos) 

The Gist

The popular ride-hailing app had been banned twice by city officials since its 2012 debut. 

The List

  • A judge deemed Uber to be "fit and proper" and declared it could resume operations in London after a successful appeal by the company to a previous ban. 
  • Uber has been given a license to operate in London for 18 months at which point the license may be extended or canceled. 
  • Uber had previously been banned in London due to security concerns. 
  • The last security flaw involved a loophole wherein multiple drivers could use the same Uber account. 
  • London's Taxi Driver's Association, which represents London's famous black cabs, has voiced its concerns about Uber's renewed operations. 

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