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September 19, 2020

United States bans WeChat and TikTok

Source: Flickr (Sinchen Lin) 

The Gist

Both apps will not longer be available for download in the US starting Sunday September 20th. 

The List

  • An order issued by the US Commerce Department on Friday September 18th will make it illegal for all app stores to offer WeChat and TikTok starting Sunday. 
  • The announcement comes after both apps were found to have been collecting sensitive user data without consent. 
  • Both apps are indirectly owned by the Chinese government, leading to national security concerns in the United States. 
  • US President Donald Trump had stated a ban would be issued on September 15th unless an American company purchased TikTok by that time. 
  • Although TikTok and US tech giant Oracle had reached a deal, it did not satisfy the security requirements laid out by the US Commerce Department. 
  • Users who have the apps already installed will be unable to receive updates, eventually making both WeChat and TikTok unusable within the United States. 

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