November 10, 2020

US Department of Justice to examine voter fraud in 2020 election

Source: Flickr (The White House) 

The Gist

Attorney General William Barr has given the green light to the DOJ to investigate  any serious claims of voter fraud which might have occurred during the 2020 election.  

The List

  • Barr specified that the announcement does not mean the Department of Justice believes any voter fraud actually occurred.
  • Although many videos and pictures have circulated on social media suggesting that voter fraud took place, few if any have been verified. 
  • The Department of Justice now has the permission to investigate any "substantial allegations" of voter fraud, which may include some of the unverified content circulating online. 
  • Many Republican voters believe Democrat poll counters and supporters manipulated ballots in states where voting outcomes were close. 
  • Critics argue that while some instances of voter fraud may have occurred, it is unlikely that they are substantial enough to flip the outcome in favor of Trump. 

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