November 12, 2020

Vote recounts begin for the recent American election

Source: Pexels (Element5 Digital) 

The Gist

Georgia is the first state to announce that it will be recounting votes cast during the 2020 election. 

The List

  • President elect Joe Biden is 14 000 votes ahead of current president Donald Trump in the state of Georgia.
  • Biden also leads by small margins in a handful of other states, making it possible that recounts will take place in those as well. 
  • Trump along with many Republican politicians and voters believe there was widespread voter fraud in favor of Biden in many of these close states. 
  • Experts believe that any evidence of voter fraud found during the recount in Georgia could also trigger recounts and audits in other states. 
  • Although evidence of voter fraud has been circulating on social media, it is still unclear how much of it is real, and if it is substantial enough to change the current election outcome. 

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