October 11, 2020

Yelp to flag 'racist' businesses

Source: Flickr (Yelp) 

The Gist

The popular user-reviews website will flag businesses accused of racist behavior. 

The List

  • Yelp has stated that human moderators will be tasked with determining the validity of a claim of racism against a business. 
  • The validity of a claim will be based on reports from credible news sources. 
  • The notification of racist behavior will last for "a few days to several weeks". 
  • "Corrective action" such as firing the offending employee will reduce the flag to a "Public Attention Alert", stating that someone associated with the company had acted racist in the past. 
  • Yelp has not specified how much evidence will be necessary to flag a business, but has noted that they do not expect flagging to happen frequently. 

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